Muscle & Fitness’s Dean Stattmann chatted with some of the industry’s most recognizable fitness faces and compiled a list of the top 5 items that everyone must get into their home gym in 2020.

As the age-old gym saying goes, you’re better off signing up for a membership at a club that’s closer to your job than your home; psychologically (read: apparently, and based off no actual published research ont he subject that I was able to find), you’re more inclined to regularly show up at a weight room that’s beyond the gravitational pull of your living room sofa. Makes sense.

One glorious exception, of course, would be the home gym, which demands no requisite travel beyond the confines of your place or residence. And in winter, let’s be honest, that’s a major factor.

That said, proximity alone doesn’t guarantee attendance – and certainly not progress (especially if your home gym equipment is as old as the floorboards it stands on). So, if you’re going to be spending a lot more time in your personal fitness den this winter, a few updates might be in order.

To help you take most of the guess work out of the equation (and get more bang for your buck), I asked five of the most highly sought-after personal trainers in the country to share their single most recommended piece of home gym equipment. You’ll find those below.

Dean Stattmann

Stattmann interviewed everyone from Nike Master Trainer Betina Gozo, to Eric Rafofsky, director of fitness at The Well in New York City. Some recognizable staples made the list like dumbbells, battle ropes, mobility sticks and massage guns. The one that landed at number 3 is what caught our eye, it’s our very own Inspire Fitness CrossRow CR2.5.

#3 – Inspire Fitness Cross Row CR2.5

“This is one of my favorite forms of cardio in my home gym,” Alex Fine, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer who trains celebrity clientele of NFL athletes and Hollywood A-listers out of his home gym.

A unique hybrid offering appropriately unique results, the CrossRow 2 employs adjustable, bi-directional magnetic resistance to deliver a high-intensity resistance workout unlike anything you’ll experience with almost any other piece of equipment out there.

“The different grips and resistance options allow me to integrate a super effective form of cardio into heavy strength days,” says Fine. “This machine is used not only to get your heart rate up, but to also improve lat strength when you’re tired of cranking out pull-ups or intervted rows.”

Row, row, row your old rowing machine, gently down the driveway.

Dean Stattmann

Thanks to Dean and the team at Muscle and Fitness for the article. To learn more about Alex Fine and his successful, elite personal training business, visit or follow Alex on Instagram.

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