Unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a fully equipped home gym, practicing social distancing, continuing our home workouts and skipping out on our normal routines seems like a tall task. But let’s be real, staying motivated and sticking to fitness goals will keep you feeling your best. You might be looking for workouts that work with what you currently have. Fortunately, our trainer Ashley Pyka from Inspire Fitness Studios put together this circuit you can do at home using only your body weight. Repeat this circuit 3-5 times, take a 1-minute rest only at the end of each circuit.



1. Air Squats x 20






2. Push-ups x 20





3. Lunges x 10 (Each Leg)





4. Jumping Jacks x 20





5. Plank x 1 Min





All together 3-5 times, include a 1 min rest in between each set.