NewsThe Glute Moves You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Glute Moves You Didn’t Know You Needed

The sun is out, the ground has thawed. We all know what that means…strength training season is here! We’re here to guide you through a new path to a summer bod – weights and resistance. Cardio may be Queen, but let’s not shy away from weight training, especially if toning up those buns is your goal. Time to get excited about a new way to train those glutes. Let’s go.

Now, here are a few exercises to get you started. We’ll be walking through some fun alternatives to the standard booty boosting squats – and remember, these are all compound movements, so they will give you more bang for your buck by working multiple muscle groups at once. Each movement should flow steadily from one to the other. Let’s do 5 sets and 10 reps of each.




Straight Leg Deadlift to Bent Over Row to Upright Row

Balance? Major key. Stand tall and steady with this exercise and you’ll be getting a double dose of toning in your glutes and upper body.

1. With one foot on the floor, grab the D handle with the opposite hand. 

2. Back straight, tilt your body parallel to the floor, lift your free leg behind you and pull the handle back in a rowing motion at the same time.

3. Stand upright while lowering leg, repeat row movement. 

4. Repeat sequence.


Chin/Dip Belt


Side Lunge to Backward Lunge to Curtsy Lunge

Up, down, round n’ round. Build your base with these intense remixes to the classics. Careful not to rush through and get dizzy! Steady as she goes.

1. Loop on the ankle strap to the active leg. Sidestep lunge, pivot.

2. Backward lunge, pivot. 

3. Curtsy lunge, pivot and repeat.

4. Repeat sequence.


Ankle Strap


Push Up Plank Hold with Crossbody Knee Tucks to Lateral Slide

1. Loop on the ankle strap to the active leg. Assume the plank position and bring knee across the body and back. 

2. Tap toe to ground and lift leg straight up. 

3. Tap toe to ground and swing leg to the side. 

4. Repeat by lifting leg straight up in between sets.

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