Introducing the SF5 Smith Functional Trainer

This ultimate two-in-one home gym combines a Selectorized Smith Machine and a functional cable machine in an all-in-one commercial-quality machine built for your home gym. The SF5 is equipped with two 165 lb weight stacks that can be upgraded to 215 lb each, sliding adjustable pulleys, built-in storage for free weights, extras like mountain climbing grips and band anchors, as well as the highly patented Smith Bar. The Smith Bar ties right into the weight stacks and features an innovative weight multiplier system, enabling you to lift up to 360 lb in a safe and controlled manner. It is also safer than a traditional smith bar as there is no need to load and offload weights.  Lastly, adjusting the Smith Bar between exercises is smooth and effortless with specially designed, counter-balanced carriages. The counterbalance reduces the weight of the bar and carriages to the user when getting into exercise position, making it faster and easier for all users to set their safeties and get into their workouts.
For a dynamic functional workout, the two adjustable swivel pulleys offer 39 unique vertical positions and when combined with the superior travel distance of the cables, there’s almost no dynamic movement or resistance training exercise you can’t do on this machine. The advanced travel distance on the cables delivers the ultimate functional training machine as you can conduct big, full body movements at any pulley position without running out of cable.
The Inspire Fitness SF5 has an optional storage rack for all your free weights to neatly and safely store right on the machine. With two adjustable, horizontal shelves they’re perfect for your kettlebells, dumbbells, wall balls and more. Each shelf is lined with a rubberized surface to protect your weights from scratches.
The SF5 Smith Functional Trainer is made from heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel, includes a 30 lb smith bar, and industrial-grade cables. It comes complete with built-in pull up bars, rock climbing grips, a phone/tablet holder, battle rope anchor, band anchors, and 8 accessories – (2) D Handles, Triceps Rope, Dual Hook Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Multi-Purpose Belt, and (2) 5 lb Add On Weights. It’s everything you need to train in one machine. The SF5 is built on 20+ years of quality craftsmanship from the team at Inspire Fitness.
The SF5 also includes a 3-month digital membership ($59.99 value) to the Centr app where you can train with Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts while unlocking the power of your new gym through customized workout programs. Centr is your go-to source for total well-being with limitless ways to fuel your movement, meals, and mind.
  • Two-in-One Home Gym: Cable resistance machine meets a smith machine in one durable and compact home gym.
  • Upper and Lower Body Functional Training: (2) upgradeable 165 lb weight stacks and a cable system with two adjustable swivel pulleys deliver efficient resistance training.
  • Smooth-Glide Pulley System: Frictionless pulley movement with 39 adjustable positions to maximize exercise variety.
  • Built-in Selectorized Smith Bar: The Smith Bar seamlessly integrates into the weight stacks and it’s counter-balanced for an extra-smooth feel when adjusting. There’s no need for Olympic Weight Plates or a spotter.
  • Smith Bar Weight Multiplier System: Patented design allows the smith bar to seamlessly integrate into the weight stacks allowing you to lift up to 360 lb.
  • Storage Rack: Safe and secure storage for your favorite free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls and more.
  • Includes 10 Accessories: (2) D Handles, Triceps Rope, Dual Hook Curl Bar, Ankle Strap, Multi-Purpose Belt, Tablet Holder, Cup Holder, and (2) 5 lb Add on Weights.
  • Durable Construction: Heavy duty steel frame, commercial grade cables and a matte black powder coat finish to outlast your toughest workout.
  • 3 Month Centr Digital Membership: Use your equipment with Centr for personalized coaching from Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts. Includes a 3-month digital membership ($59.99 value).
  • Legacy of Strength: Built on 20+ years of quality craftsmanship from the team at Inspire Fitness
  • Dimensions: 84”H x 59”W x 45”L; 631lb (286 kg)