NewsFull Body Fusion Workout

Get ready for an efficient workout that’s the best of both worlds.

If you’ve mastered your dumbbell routines by now, we’ve got some ways for you to plus up your workouts to keep things exciting! Inspire Fitness has added new classes to the roster that offer a combination of two different workout types to maximize efficacy and fun. Fusion Workouts blend Cardio + Yoga, Cardio + Strength, or Strength + Yoga exercises for efficient workouts. With the range of Fusion Workouts, you’ll be able to maximize your home gym by using free weights, indoor cycles, and functional trainers.

Inspire FitnessGrab your free weights and prep your indoor cycle for this full-body cardio circuit (Intermediate). This session with Ashley Pyka takes about an hour with two rides and two circuits to keep you on your toes. Note: You’ll definitely need to prep your body and wind it down after this workout! We’ve got some awesome stretch classes on the mobile app, but warm-ups and cool-downs are built into this session – Ashley reminds us that “these workouts are the best of both worlds but you need to recover right away.”

Join us online to stream this session whenever you’re set to go – you can also watch more Fusion classes live! And if you’re not a part of the Inspire Fitness family yet, you can give the app a try for free for 30 days.

Let’s get moving.