A Letter From Our President

Our Dear Inspire Fitness Customers. As we navigate these challenging times, we appreciate your patience more than ever. During this current crisis, we’ve had to make substantial changes to our logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and third-party seller processes to ensure the safety of our team. Due to these changes and the unprecedented increase in demand, product is taking longer than normal to produce and ship.

HIIT It With Cardio At Home

Meet our Inspired Athletes that will be walking (or working) you through this HIIT Free Weights session. Don’t be afraid of the ever intimidating “HIIT” title! With Ashley at the helm, you can think of it as a heartful, healthy, invigorating workout sesh

UPDATED: Our Web Store Orders Are Delayed

Due to the state-wide “Stay at Home” order in California, our Inspire Fitness eCommerce web store orders are temporarily seeing a 6-8 week delay in processing. All orders placed on or after 4/28 will experience this delay until the state-wide order has been lifted and business continues as usual. We are so sorry for the…

Unbreakable Performance Gym Install

Unbreakable Performance, in Los Angeles California, is an elite performance center that has been named one of the most exclusive gyms to get into. The gym itself was founded by some familiar names in sports; Analyst Jay Glazer, Olympian Lindsay Berg, and NFL Linebacker Brian Urlacher. Known for their high-profile client list of actors, pop…

Bodyweight Workouts For Quarantine Days

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a fully equipped home gym, practicing social distancing, continuing our home workouts and skipping out on our normal routines seems like a tall task. But let’s be real, staying motivated and sticking to fitness goals will keep you feeling your best. You might be looking for workouts…


Breaking out of your normal routine sounded challenging at first, but as we continue to spend more time at home we hope you’ve made up some lost time in your ever-busy schedule. Hopefully, you’ve been able to spend time picking up a new hobby, diving into a good book, taking a stroll around the neighborhood, and fine-tuning your at-home fitness routine